Company Profile

Qingdao Heng Tai Industries Co., Ltd. is the pioneer in the PCCP industry, Bottom-pasted Paper Bag industry and T-rib Lining industry in China. In both the preceding 2 fields in China, we have about 20-year history with over 50 factories in either of these 2 fields erected by us and our partners with our technology, equipment and/or service. Now, we have another new product — T-rib Lining Production Line. Before other people in China start to know of T-rib lining, the production line erected by us has been running smoothly to produce quality T-rib Lining Sheet. The Chinese name of T-rib Lining Sheet — T形肋骨板was given by us. Our company coincides with the growth of these 3 industries,not only the markets, but also the technologies. Thanks to our spirit of cooperating, professional service and good reputation, we have also founded strategic cooperating relationship with the major suppliers of raw materials in these 3 fields. Therefore, we can supply complete solutions in all these 3 industries including the technology, the equipment, the raw materials and the finished products. As these 3 industries are booming, we’d like to serve more investors to succeed.

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3rd Fl, 75 Yingkou Rd, Haohaidushi Industrial Park,
Qingdao, China
Zip 266021
Tel/Fax: +86-532-80790328, 80790317, 80790311
E-mail: (for Paper Bag Production Line and PCCP Equipments) (for T-rib Production Line and PCCP Equipments)